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Onscreen Couple

Early sketches of Lumiere & Babs from film.

November 1992, definitely a wonderful year.  In that time, Disney released what would become one of their greatest movies of all time, Beauty and the Beast.  People of all ages poured into movie theaters across the country to witness the "tale as old as time", truly falling under it's enchanting story of love and how it's never too late to learn about it.
Yes, B&B was the story of a beautiful girl who dreamed of having more out of life, a young prince cursed to live as a monster until he could learn to love and earn it in return, and how their lives would cross down the road.
However, there was more.  The prince was not the only one to fall under the spell.  He was doomed to have no human companionship under the spell until the arrival of the girl, and thus his servants were transformed into the objects he treated them to be.  Two seem to stay most in the memories of their fans.
A very French, very amourous pair...


The man was Lumiere, the maitre d' and faithful valet to the prince.  Of all the servants, he seemed the most optimistic; few things could upset him.  Life was meant to be lived brightly, happily, and above all, with love in your heart.  Under the spell, he was transformed very appropriately into a candelabra.


The woman, while not much was told then, would eventually be revealed as Babette, one of the castle's many maids.  A woman a little ahead of her time, one could definitely consider her to have been quite liberal in her ways of life and fashion.  Babette was a true flirt indeed; short skirts, low-cut necklines, and a passion for men.  Under the spell, she became a feather duster, a reflection of her chosen career.
Their love brought them together, their story intrigued a select few...and that wonderful onscreen romance was the beginning of it all. 

If this isn't love, I don't know what is! Lumiere & Babette in the infamous battle scene of B&B

The Friends
These guys got through the rough times with a little help; see who on this special tribute page.
The Folly
An actual animated Lumiere & Babette story from the third film in the B&B series, Belle's Magical World 

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