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The Friends

Cogsworth - (First Appearance: Beauty and the Beast, 1991; all three films since)  The role of best friend is often played opposite of the lead.  Even though Lumiere is not a lead, he does have a best friend:  the 'head of the household', Cogsworth.  He is a proper Englishman through and through, even as a clock under the Enchantress' spell.  Uptight, paranoid, and a sucker for the rules, he is constantly at Lumiere's throat as the French man is rather lax and laid back when it came to work.  Nonetheless, he would never abandon him in time of need, for it was Cogsworth who saved Lumiere from Lefou's torch in the infamous battle scene.  Despite their differences, the two are best pals for eternity.
Angelique - (First Appearance: Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas, 1997)  The castle's resident decorator, Angelique, is the most debatable of our couple's friends.  When the Enchanted Christmas was previewed before release, she appeared to be a new love interest for Lumiere, leaving many Babette loyalists to despise her, myself included.  Fortunately for her, however, the film was released and her story as a former lover was shown, easing the tension slightly.  Somewhat of a brat and vain at times, Angelique does have a good heart, and proved to have potential as a friend of Babs.  She has hence made more appearances in my fanfiction trilogy in the second and third "books", A Loving Consequence and A Light in the Darkness.
Mrs. Potts - (First Appearance: Beauty and the Beast, 1991; all three films since)  If one is lucky enough, they will always find one person that will always be there for them.  For Lumiere and Babette, as well as the entire staff, Mrs. Potts is that person.  A kind and loving mother to all, she is the true heart of the castle.  Her closest friendship was displayed in the third film, Belle's Magical World, where she tries to comfort a disheartened Babette in her time of need.  Without a doubt, chaos is constantly inevitable without our favorite cook/teapot close by, also seen later in BMW, during the featurette, "Mrs. Potts' Party".  The peacekeeper role is definitely hers in a number of instances.
Madame de la Grande Bouche (aka the Wardrobe) - (First Appearance, Beauty and the Beast, 1991; appearance was also made in Belle's Magical World, 1998)  The "toast of Europe; the brightest star ever to grace the stage", or so she herself will say, Madame is the larger than life opera diva.  While no direct, obvious friendship is there between herself and Babs, once again, I saw potential.  Seeing their friendly "chatter" at the opening of the musical's "Human Again" number, Madame and Babette were given their chance in my first fanfiction trilogy "book", In Their Beginning.

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