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A Remembrance...

Alter Egos and Comrades...
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Our resident avatar animator, Becca, offers her share...

...with her beautiful work.

More stunning work from Firebird/Candlegirl

A Candle's Sorrow by Becca

Hey everybody....
The most difficult events to write about are those that still feels like a dream, or in this case, a nightmare.
One of the dearest actors in the hearts of our Haven members is Jerry Orbach.  While he's more known for his work as Lenny Briscoe on Law and Order, he's first to us as THE voice of Lumiere.  He was the first to bring our guy to life, he stuck by him in each of the sequels and wouldn't even let another performer take his place in TV spots (House of Mouse) that Lumiere made.
Earlier, he was diagnosed with prostrate cancer, and on December 28th, he passed away in result of the diagnosis at the age of 69.
Again, this is honestly the most difficult writing I've had to do for some time.  I still feel as if he's still going and this is all just a horrible dream.  He has been one of my favorite actors since I was ten years old, my mom is convinced he was my first crush at the time.  When I found out today, I could do nothing but cry.  I didn't know him personally, but he has still been a wonderful part of my life, that I feel as though I've lost a good friend.
So this page is just for him.  The site will be black in mourning and remembrance for one week; this page will always be for him after this time. 

Free Guestbook
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From a good friend's recommendation, I have set up a special guestbook if anyone wants to leave any kind words or wishes in Mr. Orbach's memory.  Please do so if you can.

Jerry Orbach
October 20th, 1935 - December 28th, 2004

Jerry Orbach
October 20th, 1935 - December 28th, 2004
We will remember you always in our hearts.

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