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You know you're a hopeless fan when..

Let's face it...we're fans and we know it, but how do other people notice that?  This list should explain all!
(PS: The list has been opened to all of B&B for the sake of making it bigger and better!)

You know you're a hopeless fan when...
  • You're watching the B&B battle scene, and you strongly believe each feather duster should come with a warning. After all, surgeon general says that you risk high degree backside burns when you harm one.  ~Faith
  • You're watching the show, when Cogsworth says "And as I always say... if its not baroque... dont fix it!" and youre the only one in the audience cracking up...   
  • You are the one in the audience who starts the applause after certain scenes at the show
  • You listen to the soundtrack on the subway when youre just commuting around or going into the city to see the show All three added by Megan 
  • You dress up as a maid for halloween, and your best friend dresses up as Belle!  ~Mimi LeFlamme
  • You dress up as Belle in a dress that you paid $80 for.
  • You find yourself quoting B and B multiple times a day  (not to mention being able to relate anything and everything to the movie.)
  • You can say EVERY line in the movie...yes it is a sad day but I am officially a B and B psycho, haha.  All three above by Meg
  • You go into any store at the mall and as soon as you see a candlelabre you cannot help but smile  ~Firebird
  • You cry at Beauty and the Beast on ice (the rest-the movie and the musical-are a given, it's just pitiful when you cry as Belle skates out onto the ice for the first time) ~Meg
  • When you especially bake an BB Easter cake, and dont let anybody take the first slice. Then you tell mom to take out the camera and take a photo of yourself next to the cake.
  • When you get obsessed over your math teacher because he looks like Gaston. ~Both added by Nikki

Ok who's next?  Please fill out the form below with your fan list submission and see it on the list!  Please use good judgement.  Only legit answers will be posted; absolutely NO uncouth language or comments will be accepted.

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