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Onstage Couple

Rob Lorey & Tracy Generalovich in the Third National Tour of B&B

Onscreen and over the years, B&B proved to be a classic masterpiece, nominated for awards in song (Lumiere's famous "Be Our Guest" was one of the nominees;  the title song would be the only winner however) and most surprisingly in the best picture category.  No other animated film before then and to this day has ever held a nominated place in competition for the Best Picture award.
Fast forward to April of 1994, in the setting of New York City...
Having made the risky decision of taking a place on the "Great White Way" Broadway, Disney decided to start off with none other than B&B.  Expectedly, critics and skeptics mockingly taunted them for even thinking such a thought, and gave the show maybe a month to be nice. 
As usual they were wrong!

Jacqui Graziano & Rob Lorey in the Third National Tour of B&B

B&B proved to reign supreme once again!  Today it has not only made it to #6 on the longest running musicals on Broadway list, it has been seen in many countries worldwide, had three national tours, recently had it's first handful of regional productions, and celebrated it's 10th anniversary in New York City.  Pretty good for what many considered a supposed overdone "theme park" show, oui? =) 
Is the show just like the film?  That and more!  New songs and scenes were added to make it a marvelous theater night out! 
On a more personal Haven note, I consider the show to be Babette's true debut into the hearts of fans who adore her.  True, her main purpose is still comedy and possibly keeping all men over the age of 18 in the seats, but that alone is much more than the "stand there and make lover boy look good" role she had in the film.  It was the beginning of a realistic personality and curiosity to get to know her better along with the others.  Lengthy scenes, a humorous dancing performance in "Be Our Guest", and small singing role in the new cut-from-the-film number "Human Again" showed all that she did have some potential.
And that, mesdames et messieurs, is the foundation of the love of two servants that began the Lumiere and Babette Fan Haven.

Paige Davis & Patrick Page on the First National Tour

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