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They're Playing Our Song...Sort Of

Ah music, it's such a powerful thing.  Such emotion, such precision in writing.  But...well...Lumiere has...Be Our Guest...both have a portion of Human Again.  Ugh!  This is so not fair!  I could see them doing more songs, either by themselves or on their own!  What about you? =)  Below is a list of songs we could see Lumiere and Babette singing.
Warning: The Haven does all we can to make the site fun and comfortable for all ages.  While I do not allow songs with inappropriate lyrics to be listed, some songs may have words that parents may not want their child to see.  Parents/guardians should be aware that songs marked (*<13) may contain material that the person suggesting the song may deem inappropriate for young children.  Thank you.

So many songs, so little time... =)

Song:  "Candle in the Wind"
Character who would sing itLumiere
Music and Lyrics: Elton John
Suggested by Rebecca
Comments:  This inspired me to write my fanfiction, and though mine came out kinda bad, this song always reminds me of how Lumiere feels for Babette, that he sees her as something more than other guys do. (*<13)

 Song:  "Mamma Mia" by ABBA
Character who would sing itBabette
Music and Lyrics: Benny Andersson & Bjorn Ulvaeus
Suggested by Kelsey
CommentsI actually just recently found the ABBA Gold CD, and as I was listening to this song I realized, "This sounds just like something Babette would sing." Lumiere's always messing around with other girls ( never seriously though ), and Babette feeling a little broken-hearted. But will never let him go.

Song:  "Popular", from Wicked
Character who would sing it:  Babette
Music and Lyrics: Stephen Schwartz
Suggested by Faith
Comments:  She may not be talking about the same kind of popular as Glinda, but this song just...says it all.  Babette is...*smirks* quite popular in her own way.  This just works.  I could see her singing this to Belle.

 Song:  "Defying Gravity", from Wicked
Character who would sing it:  Babette, possibly alongside Angelique
Music and Lyrics: Stephen Schwartz
Suggested by Faith
Comments:  If Angelique appeared in In Their Beginning, I could see them singing this song right at the moment where Babs decides to take the turn from decent to "bad" girl.  Neither she nor Elphaba in Wicked is going to take any more lip from anyone, and this song shows it.

Song:  "As Long As You're Mine", from Wicked
Character who would sing it:  Lumiere & Babette
Music and Lyrics: Stephen Schwartz
Suggested by Faith
Comments:  While attempting numerous times to write A Loving Consequence, this song just keeps jumping into my head.  Very intense, very passionate, just like Lumiere & Babs =)  (*<13)

 Song:  "She Cries", from Songs For A New World
Character who would sing it:  Lumiere
Music and Lyrics: Jason Robert Brown
Suggested by Faith
Comments:  Finally listened to this album straight through in the car the other day...yes I'd always skip right to Andrea's songs on this CD.  It's a wonder I didn't wear those tracks out yet.  Aside from piecing together a new Babs story, heard this song and thought "...OmG it's Lumiere!"  Read the lyrics; I dare you to disagree! 

Fans unite!  It's your turn.  Got a song you could just hear our guys singing?  Fill out the form below and send it!  As usual, try to keep it decent as some young-un's might look it up.  If you still want to send it, please include a warning with your Comments.  Use this field also to give me a link to where the lyrics can be found if they are online.

Who Would Sing It?

All songs listed above are there in the name of fandom-ness.  We do not own them, we did not write them, we take no credit for them.