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The Fanfiction Trilogy

You saw part of their story in the Beauty see their entire story here at the fan haven...or at least what I've concluded =)  Follow the links below to read the trilogy!  Enjoy!
  • As of 2/7/05, the trilogy may only be found on  Please click on the titles to link to the stories.  Thank you!
  • In this day and age, ratings have just become part of our daily lives, sad as that is, thus to keep up with the times, I have provided one for each story as they are written.  It's only fair, in my opinion, to let the reader and their parents/guardians know what to expect.  More information on ratings for fanfiction, as used on, can be found at 

Length:  10 Chapters plus Epilogue
Description:  Lumiere and Babette meet in Book One of the trilogy.
This story is rated K+ for one curse and mildly implied content.

Credit to Rebecca for an awesome animation!

Book II:  A Loving Consequence
Length: Ten Chapters, including Prologue and Epilogue
Description:  The spell has been over for one year.  As our couple's future begins, Babette's past returns to haunt her, and with it, the entire household could be in jeopardy.

Length: Fourteen Chapters, including Epilogue
DescriptionInheriting the flirtatious, carefree ways of her parents, Chandellina fails to see that she is playing with fire. But when the de Crochet son escapes his life sentence, it could prove to be more deadly than she thinks.
Consequence and Light have been rated T for mild language and mature content.  Neither contain blatantly graphic situations.

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Above stories and characters involved are fictional.  All Beauty and the Beast Characters/Names are copyright of the Walt Disney company; I do NOT own them and have only used them for fanfiction writing purposes.  Original characters (Jacques, Chandellina, and minor characters not related to the film) have come from my half-a-brain. =)  Thank you.