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What is the Fan Haven??

Myself, B&B in NY

Obviously you must be somewhat curious as to what on earth the Fan Haven is, or else why would you have stumbled here?  Well I'll tell you.
Firstly, to understand the Haven, I must introduce myself.  I'm Faith, a twenty year old living on the north side of Jersey and south side of NYC.  Since the age of 7, I have absolutely adored the Disney film Beauty and the Beast.  To this day I watch it very periodically as is routine.  I fell in love with the characters of Lumiere and Babette when the musical appeared in 1994, and could never really find anyone around who isn't a friend of mine to share my thoughts, ideas or opinions on them.  It isn't even easy to talk to them so much about it anymore.  I knew there just had to be people out there who were just like me though.
Therefore, in November of 2003, I ventured onto the web and started the Lumiere and Babette Fan Haven for fellow fans of everything from B&B to just these guys to have an unofficial little online sanctuary to share random ideas.  So far, it has been successful.  We currently have about 38 members and still are growing.
So come in, and even if you don't join, visit every now and then.  I will try to keep this place updated as often as possible, but it won't be easy.  Ideas, thoughts, stories, fanfiction are all welcome here.  I can be reached any time at  Let's make this a great little fandom for some really great characters.

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