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Ooh La La, Something New!

Friday November 25, 2005
God that is embarassing.  Truth be told, the Haven may be moving to a new host pretty soon, so no major rennovations right now.  Slowly but surely it'll be moving over.  More info on the home page.  Also just updated a few things on the links page.
Monday May 16th, 2005
I am ashamed to see such a gap in Updates, but life calls unfortunately.  Good side of the situation, I bring LOTS of new stuff! =)
  • QN&N May Edition is up on the homepage.
  • Caption Fun Results are in!  See the page in the Fun & Games section; new photos coming soon.
  • More PA&F work from Snapcat456, Beth, and me! =)
  • Gave the Trilogy page a bit of renovation. =)
  • Added a beautiful piece by Becca on the Remembrance page.
And that's it!  Be sure to swing by the boss' site in a few minutes for another answered fan question! =) Faith out!
Thursday April 28th, 2005
Bigger update soon everyone, but this is just a quick unforeseen one. has ruled that song fics (fanfiction set to song lyrics) violate site policy, thus my one "Learn to Be Lonely" has been removed.  Will see if I can put it up on a page here with the next update.
Monday April 11th, 2005
So far, keeping up the belated resolution of updating very well! =)
  • QN&N has been edited, be sure to check it out on the home page if you haven't done so already.
  • Another beautiful art piece by SnapCat is up in PA&F; see Fun & Games.
  • *sounds the trumpets* The Caption Time feature is BACK and better than ever! *applause!*  Go have some fun with handpicked photos and share what REALLY is going on in our couple's minds.  See Fun & Games for details.

That's it for now!  Faith. Out! =)

Thursday April 7th, 2005
Three in a row!
  • More beautiful artwork in PA&T; a new piece by Snapcat456
  • Light in the Darkness is COMPLETE, the trilogy along with it!  Enjoy Chapters 13 & the Epilogue, and shed a happy tear!  More to come though I promise!  Log into to through the Trilogy page.
Once again, this is Faith Out!
Wednesday April 6th, 2005
Firstly, gotta say Happy Bday to my cat!  Stitches is the closest thing to a child that I have so yeah, expect me to fawn over her like crazy. =)  Love her to death and she turns a year old today!

Ok, enough on that.  Minor updates:

  • Two new Hopeless Fan list submissions from Nikki.  (Just so everyone knows, the list has been opened to incorporate ALL of B&B.  Don't know if I had mentioned that, but it has =))  See Fun & Games!
  • Changed the number of Haven members on the What is...? page; we are up to 38, and this is AFTER the chat is over!!  Many decided to stick around the Haven.  To quote the boss as Lumi: "Wow!"
  • Still picking a few pictures out for the upcoming return of the Caption Contest; I know there's already a few select, or at least ONE select that the Haven members want up, but I want to find a few more before opening that can of worms again, hehehe =)
  • New Artwork piece in PA&F by Velvetplum; check it out in Fun and Games!
That's it; I'm ready to go back to sleep!  It's only 8:11AM over here!  Faith out!
Tuesday April 5th, 2005
Whew!  I will NEVER wait that long inbetween updates again, guys; I swear!  Between job hunting, Peter's site, sickness, et all, I've been keeping busy.  But never fear!  I bring a mighty helping of new stuff!
  • QN&N April Edition:  Happy Bday B&B!
  • Light in the Darkness is almost done!  New chapters 10 - 12 are now posted at; link in through the Fanfiction Trilogy page!
  • Fanart & Fanfiction and Fan Photos have been totally renovated and combined into one glorious page's worth of Lumi/Babs art, photography, and literature! =)  All your favorites are still listed as well as some new works.  Check it out in Fun & Games and update any bookmarks!
  • New links listed!  The Haven welcomes:, Jasmine 4 Eva, the official site of actress Nicole Berendsen, Klaske's Netherlands B&B Site, AND The Beauty and the Beast Live Journal Community!  *applause all around!!*
  • News from the Peter Flynn Official Site Front: For those who were interested in Peter's live chat here at the Haven, I've written up an abridged transcript of key questions from the event.  Check it out at his site ( on the For the Fans page.
  • And finally, the Special Thanks page has been redone AGAIN.
Thanks for bearing with me!  Faith out!
Thursday March 10th, 2005
Yea!  March is here!  Happy St Pat's to all!  Just a few updates.
  • QN&N March Edition is up and I'm CERTAIN you'll want to see it.  See the homepage.
  • The Musical Experiences website is still in planning stages for those interested.  Should be working on it soon.
And that's it!  Faith out!
Friday February 25th, 2005
Well this is it!  My last day before the Day of Legality! =)  Got two updates and two announcements today.
  • New "Hopeless Fan" Submission by Meg!  Check it out in Fun and Games.
  • Chapter Nine of Light in the Darkness is up at; if you've been following along, be sure to check it out via the Trilogy section.
  • Announcement One: The Musical Experiences will be made into a separate site come this week.  When that happens, the Caption Contest WILL be put back up as per request.
  • Announcement Two:  Peter has agreed to do a LIVE chat with fans on Wednesday, March 9th some time after 8pm.  The Haven's Yahoo Groups chat room will be hosting it.  If you would like to participate, please visit the Yahoo Groups Haven site, via the logo on the home page and sign up ASAP!
That's it for now.  Faith out to enjoy her last day as a 20 yr old!
Thursday February 17th, 2005
Another short but sweet update as I count down the last remaining days of no legality....(aka until the day Faith turns 21 =))  Week from Saturday! =)
  • Added a fan work page for my good pal Emily!  See it in Fanart & Fanfiction
  • New song in They're Playing Our Song added by myself.  Was listening to Songs For A New World, aka the album featuring Andrea Burns ("Mrs Flynn" and the "REAL Babs" as my brother calls her affectionately =)).  Heard this one song and HAD to add it to the list.
  • New picture from Germany in Around the World, courtesy of our internation affiliate, Klaske =)  Thanks!! =)
  • A Light in the Darkness Chapter 8 is up in the Trilogy; click it to see it at as mentioned before in previous updates.  Be sure to check it out =)
  • Re-did the Friends page in the Film section as it was mysteriously deleted and added Mrs. Potts and Madame de la Grande Bouche to it.

That's it for now.  Faith out!

Tuesday February 8th, 2005
Short and sweet today!
  • New photo from Germany (thanks Klaske!) in the Around the World Gallery.  2nd Belle's door photo in existance =)
Faith out! =)
Monday February 7th, 2005
Members and visitors alike.  The Haven is run on a free Tripod program that limits how much space I am able to use.  Right now, I can not afford to upgrade, and thus have made the two following changes to save some space.
  • Around the World:  The last thing I wanted to do was remove this section, and so I found a way to condense it.  All of the photos can now be viewed in one, solitary album.  There are also a few new photos inside, much thanks to my good pal, Belle83210. =)  Please go take a look at them and the other photos in the New Improved Gallery.
  • Fanfiction Trilogy:  The trilogy can now only be viewed at  I will definitely keep everyone posted on updates to Light in the Darkness.  On the plus side, if you would like to review any of the chapters, now you can! =)
Again, these renovations were made to start saving space.  We already have quite a bit more available so more interesting and exciting things can be shared.  Faith out! =)
Thursday, February 3rd, 2005
All right!  Now it's an official February update!  Two things today!
  • Chapter Seven of Light in the Darkness is up at the Trilogy section!
  • Everyone stand and cheer!  The Official Peter Flynn Website has officially been launched.  I am very excited and honored to be dubbed the webmaster. =)  Please share in the joy by visiting the site!  A link is posted in the Links section.

That's it for now!  I'm off to keep on celebrating!  Faith out!

Monday, January 31st, 2005
Wow, two updates in a few days, I'm getting back into the swing of things! =)  Two things today...
  • Chapter Six of Light in the Darkness is up at the Trilogy section
  • NEW SONG SUGGESTION!  Man we haven't had one in a while!  Check it out under "They're Playing Our Song...Sort of" in the Fun and Games section.
That's it, Faith out till next time! =)
Friday January 28th, 2005
Faith back again, updates belong to me this coming month. =)  Here's what's been happening around the Haven...I never realized how far behind we are!
  • News and Notes on the home page, February edition is up and going!
  • Fixed up the Friends page under The Film to make it more convenient and accessible.  Instead of a bunch of pages, all will be featured on one solitary page.  Much easier this way.
  • Took down the Audition Recommendations; we're running out of space, needed to clear something!  Sorry for any inconvenience.
  • More chapters for Book III of the Fanfiction Trilogy are up.  Enjoy 2 - 5!
  • And finally.  As you can see, our special photos from Broadway have been removed, but only for a good reason. =)  I have just been designated the webmaster for Peter Flynn's upcoming official website (*bows deeply!*); very excited, yes.  The Haven pictures have been moved to the fan section of his site that contain photos he personally wishes to share that can only be found there.  He did not ask me to remove them from the Haven, I did so by my own choice.  As soon as his site is open to the public, they will be able to be seen again.  URL and information on the debut of the site to come. =)
Well that's it for now!  Faith out!

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