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Where Do I Go From Here?

Visit these other great sites to learn and see more about Beauty and Lumiere & Babette!
(Webmasters are listed where known.)

Beauty and the Beast Websites

Official Disney on Broadway Site
The Beauty & the Beast Library - Webmaster: Booklover
No longer updated, but please visit and enjoy!
Animated Heroines - Webmaster: Belle83210

Beauty and the Beast: Netherlands Fan Site
Webmaster: Klaske
Currently Offline

The Beauty and the Beast Live Journal Community (BBLJ!!)
Moderators: Jen & Erica
Bittersweet and Strange...
(AOL is evil)
Webmaster: Alexandra
Also visit the forum @
Rants and Raves of a Lumi/Babs Freak
Also know as my livejournal.  When the site moves, this will be the only place to find musical experiences.

B&B Alumni/Current Cast Sites
Click the headshots to visit!
The Official Peter Flynn Website - Webmaster: Faith Kelter
(Current Lumiere; Broadway, NY)
Andrea Burns Online - Webmaster: Healy Gates
(Alumni Belle; Broadway, NY)
brooketansleyofficial.jpg - Webmaster: Victoria Matlock
(Alumni Belle; Broadway, NY)
Temporarily offline for rennovations
(Alumni Lumiere; Broadway, NY; US National Tour; Toronto, Canada)
jacquigrazianoofficial.jpg (Jacqui Graziano)
(Alumni Silly Girl, Babette u/s; US National Tour)
Offizielle NicÚle Berendsen Homepage
(NicÚle is cast as Babette in the upcoming 2005 Netherlands Production)
Affiliates/Sister Sites
Angelique & Fife Fan Haven - Webmaster: Becca - Webmaster: Nikki

Jasmine Fan 4 Eva

Jasmine 4 Eva - Webmasters: Jasmine & Rhea
Currently Offline

Disney Related Websites

DisneySites - Webmaster: Aaron Barker

Other Great Places To See


Larry's Website!

Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS

The following Haven Members can be visited @ DA directly at the following URLs:
Webmaster: David Kelter

The Haven Webmaster is a proud member of the following fanlistings:

Would you like to link your site to the Fan Haven?  No problem!  All I ask is that it match the following criteria:
  1. No profanity, adult content, basically anything someone under the age of 13 can go to and feel comfortable in.
  2. Will accept anything related to the following: Disney, B&B, Lumiere & Babette.  If you don't fit into these categories, please still request; I am very openminded.  I will review it and make a decision ASAP.
  3. Make sure everything on the site is legal please!  If it is a fan site like this one, make copyright visible in some way.
  4. Please link back to us using the banner below.

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