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The Lumiere & Babette Fan Haven

Our Beloved Couple
Image Courtesy of Jodiebelle; Characters copyright of Disney

Quick News & Notes...
Sorry for the lack of updates everyone.  I'm ready to start working on the Haven again, been so much going on in life lately.  However, since I am considering switching hosts/servers, the only updates here may be what's been moved and when the big reopening will occur.
In the meantime, some very belated welcomes and farewells to cast members from the show over the past few months.  A welcome to Ashley Brown (Belle), Jeanne Lehman (Mrs. Potts), and Meredith Inglesby (Babette).  I just checked them all out recently visiting a show (although it was my uh uh time seeing Ashley since her debut in Sept. =)), and they are all stunning and talented.  Brava to all!
Sadder note, farewells and well wishes to all those who left, especially Pam Klinger, a true B&B veteran.  For all she's done and been to myself as a fan and for the Haven (Christmas 2004, LOL), she will be GREATLY missed.  Hope to see her back on Broadway very soon.
Anyhoo, just bear with me, everyone.  Hope to have everything moved, ready, and rennovated by Christmas/New Year's.  Stay tuned for moving updates.

And now back to our regularly scheduled welcome... =)
Bienvenue mes amis!  

Do you love romantic comedy?  
Can you just not get enough humor when it comes to amour?  
Do you have pyromania and insist on cleaning all the time?  

Are you just fans of Lumiere and Babette,
the best sidekick couple on earth from
Disney's Beauty and the Beast?  

Well you've come to the right place!  

Welcome to their Fan Haven!  By clicking on the picture above, you will have the chance to join the haven and say "I am a fan!".  So "be our guest" (would you believe me if I say no pun intended?), and let's give these two the fandom they deserve!

~* Faith K., Diehard Lumiere & Babette fan since 1994 =)

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Please sign our guestbook and receive a special "surprise guest" thank you in reply! =)
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But before you continue, you should know about the disclaimer and fine print stuff:  While I would love to say these wonderful characters are mine, I can't.  Disney takes full credit for them and for the amazing award winning film and musical, Beauty and the Beast.  This is strictly a fan site, and I'm only one of the little people who adore them enough to want to share my fandom-ness. =)

This many people have considered joining the Fan Haven!  Thanks for visiting!

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Page created on August 4th, 2004