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Caption Fun Results!!

The people have spoken and the results are in!  Check them out!

Photo #1

"They think I'm GORGEOUS, they want to DATE me, they want to HUG me..." ~ Faith


“Lumiere: You know usually taking a bath is relaxing, but I couldn't shake the feeling that I was being watched...I wonder where Babette has been?
Babette: Got the money?
Fangirl: Yea yea, so when's the next bath?”   

Photo #2
"Babette: Prettier than me?  Tch, please!" ~ Kelsey

Photo #3
"What do you mean my part was cut in Enchanted Christmas?!” ~ Firebird
"When I said 'light my fire', I didn't mean it literally!" ~ Kelsey

Photo #4
“""Lumiere: *thinking* Whoa...that bean burrito I had for lunch is REALLY getting to me...”  ~ Becca
"Lumiere: (thinking) . . . what was I doing?” ~ Kelsey
"Babette: What's that?  Your 'Kiss me' face?" ~ J.N. Shepard

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