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The Folly...


For those who don't know yet, Lumiere & Babette had their own little featurette made as part of the four stories in Belle's Magical World (BMW).  Allow me to warn you however that Babette's name was...*swallows* changed for this story to...*chokes* Fifi.  I, however, stand by her true name, and hence that is why you will not Fifi used during the small synopsis** below.  (Please excuse some of the pictures.  Digital camera use of screen tends to distort some.)

"...things are not always as they seem, for I am dizzy with love..." --Babs

The story begins with our girl going about daily routine as duty requires of her, but on this day in particular she is more than a bit dreamy eyed.

When Belle enters a few moments later, we find out exactly why.  Five years ago from the next day will be the fifth anniversary of her first date with Lumiere.  So romantical right? =)  She insists that Lumiere will definitely have some "marvelous plans" for evening. Belle listens as a good friend should, but then she goes looking for Lumiere to find out if what Babette thinks is true.

"A Saturday unlike any other..." --Babs

"Of course it's the first anniversary of our fifth date..." --Lumiere getting it all wrong

Well, thank goodness she does!  Seems the typical scenario of unwed (and even some wed =)) couples.  The girl remembers, the guy doesn't, and the fact that it is the next day doesn't help!  Hey, even an amour expert like Lumiere can get a little nervous and fret; Babette isn't just any girl you know!  He quickly springs into action.

Lumiere trying to write his speech

One thing he decides to do is write a speech.  He runs it through his head distractedly coming up with lines from the awful "You are so feather-y" to the overdone "Words cannot express" and "My one, my only."  This is going to be harder than he thought and as he plots it out, he leans onto the paper causing disaster!  Tough having candles for hands, isn't it? =)

As usual, burning all he touches.

"You tell me everything...and I'll help you put your deepest, honest feelings into words." --Belle

The fire is quickly extinguished in moments, but unfortunately Lumiere's stress isn't as he continues worrying about the plans.  Belle insists he simply say what is in his heart.  He is still doubtful, but she offers to help make it be a "night to remember".  But as the two walk off together...

"...pretends to be my friend, even as she ignites this burning passion in my beloved Lumiere." -Babs

Babette sees them.  Not catching the entire conversation, she believes that Belle is out to steal Lumiere's heart away from her, and hiding anywhere she can, even in the snow, she follows them everywhere, convincing herself that their friendship is more than it appears.

"And they walked, just as we walked." --Babs


"Mademoiselle, if I were you I'd have no trouble with men" --Mrs Potts; YES she says that!

Feeling alone and angry, Babette is joined by Mrs Potts who tries to comfort her, but to no avail.  Seeking advice, she turns to LaPlume, the pen who committed forgery (see the previous BMW featurette, The Perfect Word).  He insists that she try to make Lumiere jealous and then he will come back to her.  Of course, this she understands, immediately going to claim the love that is rightfully hers!

"Jealously...the most powerful of all emotions!" --Advice from LaPlume

"Perhaps certain strings can be pulled" --Lumiere

With Belle's help, Lumiere is trying to recreate the first date, and as he literally cons a punch bowl to be the sleigh...

Cogsworth attempting to use his unusual humor to impress Babs

Babette follows Cogsworth into the room and turns on the charms.  Lumiere, on the other hand, shrugs the scene aside and leaves along with Belle and the punch bowl to do more planning.  Babette storms out angrily, leaving Cogsworth bewildered.
The next day, the anniversary.  Belle and Lumiere pull off some last minute details to convince Sultan, the footstool dog, to pull the "sleigh".  Eavesdropping as usual, Babette completely snaps.  If she can't have Lumiere, no one will.  Insanely, she has the scissors semi-cut the rope to the punch bowl while he naps, and decides she must leave the castle forever.  Needless to say, she runs into Lumiere on her way out, and if she had feet, would be kicking herself as she finds out the truth.

Aren't they CUTE?!

Everything is going smoothly.  Lumiere tries to speak his usual endearments, nervously melting as he does...until the rope breaks, leading to a dangerous, and comedic, ride off the mountain.

"There is only one thing to do...scream like bloodless cowards" --Lumiere as they do so. =)

This is the end, it appears, as the lovers cling to each other for dear life on a branch that thankfully caught the punch bowl.  Lumiere tries to make his speech, but the paper goes flying away.  Coincidence?  I think not.  Nonetheless, he says what he feels.  People, mark this as the one and only time on film that you hear him tell Babette that he loves her, and as Disney-ness and their fans require, they are rescued and have a happy ending.

Only one thing to say here...Yea!!

That is the short version of the story believe it or not. =)  Titled in the film, "Fifi's Folly" *chokes again*, and written by Alice Brown & Carter Crocker according to the credits, this featurette is, of the four, one of the most humorous.  I adore watching it, and even used it as research for "In Their Beginning".  While our couple is great, there isn't much to use, so this helped.
By the time BMW arrived on the scene, I had officially made the jump from kid to teenager.  At age 13, it's kind of hard to convince people that you can still watch films like this and get away with it.  "Folly" really does help prove the point.
I mean, you're 13 or older and are afraid to rent a "kids' movie"?  Fear not!  With a few exceptional moments, Lumiere and Babette do stay in pretty good character, and we all know what their role in the films are. =)  "Folly" does have quite a few funny one liners and innuendos for the grown ups and teens in the audience.  It's almost like the Haven's soap opera! =)
Plus, anyone who was in high school at one time would definitely have some good memories.  One, two, three week anniversaries, "what should I wear", and "he's mine, back off" are all there!
Thus, while it's not going to be a classic, "Folly" is a good laugh and great time for Lumiere & Babette fans.  So rent it, pop some corn, and enjoy!

The after to the previous picture =)

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**Synopsis as told by Faith Kelter.  Story and pictures from the film Belle's Magical World.  All copyright goes to Disney of course.