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Fan Haven Dictionary

All those seeking the knowlege of Fan Haven language...or thinking "what did they say??", this is the place to be!  Definitions of all the words, expressions, or names sometimes used around the Haven are all right here!

Angel Lady - n. Nickname for Angelique around the Haven
Babs - n. Nickname for Babette used by her admirers
Babs-esque - adj. slang originating from Babette's name; used to describe anything that resembles her personality and attitude
Beginning/Book I - n. short names of In Their Beginning, the first of three stories in the Fanfiction Trilogy
"Belle's Door" - n. name given to one of Lumiere & Babette's well known scenes in Beauty and the Beast, film and musical; taking place right before Be Our Guest; Lumiere promises Cogsworth he would watch Belle's bedroom door should she decide to leave, but Babette has other plans.
Consequence/Book II - n. short names of A Loving Consequence, the second of three stories in the Fanfiction Trilogy
lumière - n. aside from the man of our couple, the French word for light
MPDP - n. abbreviation of Paige Davis' full married name (Mindy Paige Davis Page), often used around Trading Spaces sites and message boards
Page & Paige - n. short reference title to Patrick Page and Paige Davis
rocked! - v. slang for great, wonderful, cool, etc; derived mostly from former Babette Paige Davis; more terms from this source also include "Yeah Baby!"
Stage Door-ing - v. derived from the name of the actors' entrance door; the verb form refers to the action of waiting for said actors to exit after performances
The Harem - n. unofficial name of smaller group of us gals in the Haven who have an avid adoration for Lumiere

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