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Lumiere Interview by Kelsey

And now over to our reporter, Kelsey...ok I'm kidding.  In this interview, Kelsey takes on Lumiere with a very interesting and different approach.  Enjoy!

Light My Fire
an interview with Lumiere

KC: So Lumiere what was it like as a candelabra?

L: Well I wasn’t really a candelabra, I was slowly turning into one. Though it was strange all the same. My hands were candles that lit up! Actually when I first saw the flames I assumed the enchantress meant to kill me. So I tried to run to the kitchen to put myself out of course, when I saw Babette ( with the attributes of a feather duster ). I ran to her, and started yelling about how the enchantress was trying to kill me. Of course, knowing what had actually happened to me, she began to laugh in spite of everything and pushed me toward a mirror and-Oh I’m sorry!  I’m getting off topic!

KC: Don’t worry about it. It was quite an interesting story, but I guess we had better continue, right? Well for my next question I’d like to ask about how you came to be at the castle?

L: You see, I had always been at the castle, but I hadn’t always had such a high-rank job there. You see, my father was a well-known chef, and a single parent. So the castle I work at presently, offered him a job. He accepted the job, and was put to work toute suite, as was I. For they had already arranged for a banquet the next week. So I was stuck helping him, learning some great tricks and recipes in the process. Now a day before the banquet the queen, who does all the planning, made an announcement that she needed waiters. My father thought I should take the job he thought I should get a job away from him, I was fourteen after all. I think it was more because he was trying to get me out of his hair. Well he wasn’t the only one eager to part, so I took the job. Plus, it couldn’t hurt if I showed off my charm to them, no? The night of the banquet I did exactly that,  everyone there was satisfied except the young king, but he was only six and you know him. Anyway, the queen was very impressed, and made me head waiter as well as valet.

KC: Very impressive I must say!

L: Merci, Mademoiselle.

KC: Now, another question!  What are your thoughts on relationships? I mean, you are the all-time flirt in this castle!

L: :: Laughs :: Well I guess that’s correct, and my thoughts on relationships? Personally I don’t like getting caught up in them. Unless I’m truly in love. Other than that I’d rather just have fun, though in the musical they pair me up with my best friend.

KC: Babette’s just your best friend?

L: Oui, I usually come to her for advice with girls! It would be strange to go out with one of my best friends you see, but Disney must pair up everyone you know?. Do you not have a best male friend?

KC: :: smiles :: Yes I do, but then again this is not my interview. Speaking of Babette did she like how she was portrayed in the musical?

L: Well she liked the sitting-on-Maurices-lap part. She thought that quite amusing, but she didn’t like how she was portrayed as so jealous. When she’s in a relationship, and the guy flirts with another girl she just ignores it. Unless they’re kissing or something, then she might go up and slap him.

KC: Well I guess people really are different portrayed in musicals and such.

L: Except me, they got me down perfect. Save the part with Babette.

KC: As I’ve noticed. Ready for another question?

L: Always.

KC: Ok then, how old are you?

L: I’m twenty seven, though I seem much older in the movie. And, for my own curiousity, how old are you?

KC: I’m fourteen if you must know. Moving on, what are some of your hobbies?

L: Other than girls? I’d have to say cooking, and I do read a bit. Unknown to Cogsworth who thinks of me as a fool sometimes. Though he still remains one of my best friends.

KC: Ok, last question for you, what are the type of girls you think you would fall in love with? Since you’re not interested in a long relationship unless you’re truely in love.  

L: :: smiles :: Now now is this for your article, or just your own curiousity?

KC: :: smiles back :: Little bit of both, I’ll admit.

L: Ok then, well for me I like the quiet, intullectual type of girl. They’re more difficult to decipher, and open up than the outgoing flirty ones.  Puzzles are more entertaining when they’re not already figured out for you, no?

KC: Very true. Well I guess this is the end of the interview.

L: Yes well it was very nice, but I really must go. Babette will kill me if I'm late to meet her in the garden for tea.

KC: Oh well then you best be going then, merci pour l'interview!

L: Parlez-vous franšais?

KC: Babette?

L: Oh, oui!

And I guess Lumiere running out frantically, and tripping on the rug is the mark of the end of this interview. So goodbye and thank you for reading.

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