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October 9th, 2004 - Sweet 16, Row A, SOLD OUT!


Well....things could not get any better than this.  The week before, October 3rd, Megan and I went to the box office, just to find out when row A would be available...little did we know it would be a week later, 6 days actually.

So close!

This was big....very big.  After I met Megan at the Lunt Fontanne, we caught a quick something to eat, and then did what anyone would have done...stage door-ed the matinee, letting all know we'd be there.  If they don't think we're crazy yet, it will definitely be a miracle. =)  But we caught Brooke, telling her we would be right by her bedside during the show, so please look! =)
Now originally I had wanted to meet her earlier to see NY outside of my comfort zone theater district, but unfortunately got to work.  BUT Megan did manage to get me on my first subway trip over to the new 5th Ave. Disney Store.  MAN is it incredible!  3 floors high stocked with everything you could possibly think of.  Every store in the country plus all from the theme parks stored into one!  One interesting find: we found Beauty and the Beast dolls....the Beast really does look like Steve Blanchard!  Stupidly didn't take a picture though!
Upon returning to Times Square, it was off to Sephora to get our make up done.  This was a BIG event!  Had to look pretty, and we were racing against time.  Megan displayed incredible feats of fast running as she bolted out of Sephora (approx. 44th and 7th), ran to a flower shop (approx. 43rd and 8th), and back in a record few minutes. =)

Then we were off!  We arrived at the theater just as they opened all doors to be seated (instead of the normal lounge first seat later way)...and notice the line was nearly the length of the block!  The show was sold out!  Couldn't get any better than this!

Actually yes it could.  Henry Hodges' (Chip) mom recognized us and came over to chat as I tediously tried to change from my black sneakers to nice dress shoes.  On that note, I'll never dress up so nicely again so enjoy these pictures now =)  But then it came time to go inside, and after ATTEMPTING to convince an usher to let poor Megan use a booster seat (and failing), we found ourselves in the coveted Row A.

Megan, very happily, in her seat =)

During the Show
Something about a new point of view just seems to make the show more amazing.  Here are some fun memories we've gathered:
  • The opening Prologue sequence fireball...even if we weren't on the side where it explodes.
  • Brooke's eyes glancing over the front of the audience, and Megan cracking up as she insists she's looking for us.
  • Gaston bearing his chest and talking about his thighs.  If you've seen Grant Norman, you know what we mean.  To quote Peter as Lumiere, "Wow!"
  • The main action of the Beast/Belle Dinner Argument scene right in front of us.  One of the best scenes, RIGHT THERE! =)
  • Attack of the Be Our Guest Security Ushers!  Just noticed this time that ushers surround the aisles during the song waiting for the first illegal flash bulb to go off.
  • Practically feeling flashed by the Can Can Napkins, and Megan grabbing a BALL of streamers at the finale of Be Our Guest.
  • Watching Steve Blanchard belt one heck of a performance of If I Can't Love Her...even through a thick cloud of fog.  The man is wonderful nonetheless!
  • Adoring our men from up close.  During the Something There scene where Cogsworth and Lumiere coach the Beast, Peter Flynn has this thing he does with his hips ("Excellente!" =)) and Steve just looks at him funny, only to which Peter responds with doing it again.  Heck I wasn't complaining! =)
  • Hearing sound effects so clearly.  We were right next to a speaker and while I thought it wouldn't be a great idea, it turned out to our advantage =)
  • We realize Brooke has the most awesome screams and is the best fake "crier" during the Tower Battle scene.
  • During the Curtain Call, quite a few people looked and, as Megan is convinced, recognized us as we gave standing ovations.

Most Memorable Moment of October 9th:  Once again, Lumiere and Babette at Belle's door reigneth supreme!  After the arm kiss, Lumiere is supposed to spit out the feathers that get in his mouth.  The one feather however just didn't want to leave, and poor Peter is trying to just get rid of it.  Megan just lost it here and laughed so hard that she snorted quite loudly!  It was the running joke of the night.

Stage Door Activity
The highlights of the stage door were limited to two people this time around.  We met Megan's newest adoration James Tabeek (Doormat/Ensemble).  He was a total sweetheart!  "Weren't you the guys in the front row?" he asked as we confirmed it, and thanked us for seeing the show so many times when we said it was Sweet 16.
And of course, Brooke Tansley.  *bows down at the woman's feet!*  As usual we had a blast talking about various things.  Best quotes:
  • When Megan told her she ran into Christy Romano some time before and told her she said hi, "She was in town and she didn't call me?"
  • While I went ga ga over Peter Flynn who was a few feet away, "Well, you know after Belle runs away, 'promise or no promise', and I run backstage?  They're getting him ready right there for the next act..."  I couldn't listen anymore; was turning jealous! =)

Brooke is still a wonderful lady.  Megan asked her to sign a picture that they took some time before (they look like sisters!!), and Brooke even took the double of the pic to keep!  Need I truly say more?

The Famous Sister Picture

Memorable Performer of October 9th:  Bill Nabel
Bill Nabel has been with the show since it began back in '94.  He not only performs in the ensemble, but is also an understudy for Belle's father, Maurice, Lumiere, and Cogsworth.  I had seen him as Lumiere a number of times before, he's wonderful, but the 9th was the first time I saw him as Cogsworth.  Dear Lord is he a riot!  I love Jeff Brooks, but Bill is one of the best understudies in the cast!
He gives Cogsworth such a familiar yet different approach.  During the tour of the castle, he put his megaphone to his face backwards and wouldn't bring it back to correct himself.  We really don't know, as he proudly walked off the stage, if it was really stuck or not.  When Cogsworth freaks I don't know which time =)...he fans himself with his front glass door.  He even acted funny offstage, we noticed, as he laughed and did a humorous hand motion while waiting to return!  Bill definitely rocks!
And that is pretty much it for this time.  More to come soon enough, hoping to bring Mom some time in November so here's hoping till then!  Faith out! =)

Photos of October 9th:

Call to Duty...Pam Klinger and Peter Flynn at Curtain Call

The first cast close to some hot guys!

Second Cast Bow....waving goodbye before bolting to the stage door

*starts to sing* Tradition!!!! We missed him listening to Brooke's story

Megan and her beloved men =)

Megan and "Brooke" =)

Me and "Brooke", signing out; seeya next time!

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