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November 20th/December 3rd 2004

Mom and Megan at B&B 11/20/04

November 20th, Earlier that morning...
The beginning of one of the most fun Beauty and the Beast Experiences I have ever had.  My mom was going with Megan and I to see it, and I knew we were in for some fun (it's always great to go anywhere with her and my friends!), but nothing prepared me for any of this.
Megan had returned home that week having not been feeling well, but the determined one she is =), she caught one of the first planes back to NY.  We would be meeting her around 3 or so.
To pass the time however, as the ferry bus pulled into Times Square early around 12, Mom and I went to check out Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum (AWESOME way to go in NY!  If you can go see it!!).  It was the best way to while away an hour or two.
After then getting a quick bite at Applebees, we headed over to Lunt Fontanne to meet Megan, and from there, to our fave McDonalds for coffee.
Our Favorite Hobby Pays Off: Stage Door-ing the Matinee...
I know, this isn't a shocker if you've read some of our stuff here before.  We just love visiting these guys before the show! =)  There was no one in sight, quite the norm for a matinee.  You must think we're crazy, but this time...thank God we did!
Brooke came out and caught us there instantly, running over for hugs galore!  I was so thrilled that she could finally meet Mom, showing that all the stories I tell are not exaggerated truths =) 
Then came the bomb (good bomb!) of the day...
I jokingly, JOKINGLY people!, asked her, "Soooo how long do we have to keep coming before you take us in the back?"
"I never took you guys upstairs to the rooms?"  Nope.  "Well all you had to do was say so, come on."  Dear Lord, she was serious!  Before any of us knew what was going on, Brooke was dragging the three of us upstairs to the dressing rooms!
The dressing rooms are up...uh-uh number of stair flights, narrow ones at that, can't really see too far ahead of you until you reach the next landing.  Bringing up the rear, I hear Brooke say something like "Hey!  Look who I brought in with me!"  And as I step onto the landing, there's Pam (Klinger aka the most phenom Babs on earth again sharing if you haven't read the previous experiences =)) walking down as we're going up!  She laughed when she saw us and I introduced her to Mom, who was looking pretty confused.  But it only took a "Hi, I'm Pam!" for it to click for her. =)  My ramblings were not in vain. =)
After a few more passing words, it was up and away just a bit more until we reached Brooke's room.  The woman could live there if it had a kitchen; it looked like a mini apartment!  Sharing some of the little tour she gave us, there's a sitting area with couches, TV/DVD and table.  Around another nook, the costumes and vanity where she prepares for show time, and slightly beyond that, a bathroom, shower and all.  It was incredible; I'm still kicking the seat of my pants for being so much in shock that I didn't take out the camera.
We chatted it up with a few more thank you's before we headed downstairs to the door...and finding a crowd on the other side!  When we stood aside to let Brooke do her meet-&-greets =); I half expected someone to ask us who we were in the show =). 
As if things could not get any better, the crowd dispersed, Brooke came over to show us a drawing a little girl made for her, and out comes Peter (Lumiere)!  As he joined our little group, I remembered to ask him something...
Me: "You're so going to hate me for asking this."
Him: "What did you do??"
Me: "Remember that nice picture I asked you for a while back?  Only one where I don't look like a dork?  I lost the camera..."
Him: "Oh you didn't!"
Me: "Well we're coming tonight, and I wanted to know if I can put you on photo reserve."
Him: (obviously sarcasticly irritated) "Oh, all right, I guess!"
Good we were settled, and no, I have still not found that camera! =)
After we said goodbye to both of them, Megan met up with a friend and Mom and I headed for the new World of Disney Store over on W 55th and 5th Avenue.  Nice 10/15 minute walk from Times Square to burn off dinner. =)
Needless to say we had a blast!  Mom is the biggest kid at heart that I know and she adores Disney!  People had to think we were crazy as we had a ball trying on the different Christmas hats and looking around at all the wonderful stuff they have there!
Here's Mom actually with the Jessica Rabbit Mistletoe hat on.  I couldn't resist a picture. =)

Mom enjoying herself at the Disney Store.

Show Breakdown:
  • We surprised Mom! =)  As we had originally told her that we were in row double D (the very last), we lied =)  We were back in our fave spot, Row A, Left Side, Bed Side =)
  • Megan got a booster seat!! =)  Read our first Row A experience to fully appreciate this one =)
  • *cringe!!* <--- us as the Enchantress' fireball bounced a little too much for our comfort.
  • "She's looking for us!  She's looking for us!" we say as we're convinced Brooke is glancing right at us (I told her in secret beforehand where we would be.)
  • Cracking up laughing at Keith Fortner, who went on as Lefou that night.  He was a riot!
  • Getting an applause started for Peter when he did his usual hysterical happy dance after Cogsworth and Lumiere find Belle arrived at the castle!  The three of us were cracking up laughing, which gets the whole audience started, and it just got to be so much that applause broke out.  Mom even started cheering and whistling for him!  NOTE: Easiest way to do this, just play with people's heads =)  If you see a scene you like or have a line that you find just hilarious, let it out!  Half the time the audience feels the same way and just doesn't want to look silly!  You won't regret it, the performers love it, trust me.
  • When the Beast is being coached by Mrs Potts and Lumiere before Belle refuses to come to dinner, Steve Blanchard (Beast) walks to his usual place (right in front of us! eee!) and delivers his line. "It's no use!  She's so beautiful and I'm..." Well right in that small pause before he yells, "Well LOOK AT ME!"  Megan blurts out, rather loudly, "You're gorgeous!"  Running joke of the night, people! =)
  • I'm still apologizing for this one.  Right before Belle's Door, I'm getting all giggly like usual and Mom takes my hand as if to say "I know; keep it down!  Not yet!" =), as the scene is about to start, I crushed her hand. =)  I'm still sorry, ma! LoL.
  • We thought about giving Be Our Guest a standing ovation but decided that only works when you're in the box seats =)  Nonetheless we gave everybody the cheers they deserved.
  • "I can't do it captain!  The fog is too much!"  Only downside of being in Row A.  The "If I Can't Love Her" fog!  On a hot day, I say bring it on, babe!  On a cold day, it doesn't work.
From then on, much of the show went on the same way as usual =)  If I or Megan remembers anything, I'll add it on.  =)
The Stage Door time that we actually paid for, aka Post Show.
Stage door-ing always rocks; after you actually see the show though, it's even better =)
We caught quite a few people this time!

Best Pals! =)
Brooke:  What would a visit be without seeing this woman afterwards?  I fear the arrival of May, but that is when they will HOPEFULLY decide to keep her on as Belle.  NOTE TO THE PEOPLE IN CHARGE!: You will be INSANE to let this woman go!  Anyhoo, this is after I gave her a gift (little Belle ornament) for being so nice to take us upstairs.  She didn't have to, but she did.  Oh, and Mom still feels sorry for cutting our foreheads off. LoL  GIRL IF YOU SEE THIS, LOVE YA! =)
Jersey people...and Vermont, Megan!...rock!!
James:  James Tabeek, the greatest Young Prince/Doormat/Chorus member we know! =)  Also found out he's from Jersey (woo hoo!!)  He saw us at Curtain Call and we managed to get a chat in with him after the show.  He dubbed this the Jersey/Vermont picture as he stood proudly with Mom and Megan. =)
The NICE PICTURE, finally!!
Peter:  Yea!!  The sweetest sweetheart in the show!  Peter has never let me down yet as I visit at the stage door after the shows.  This one in particular, we asked if he liked his applause during the one scene, and he laughed, saying yes, just as shocked as we were that it happened! =)  This picture though, I cherish forever! =)  The one picture with him where I don't look like a dork!  Woo hoo!  I have henced promised never to bug him for a stage door picture again, although he says it is never a bother. =)  Anyhoo, yes, me with my stage door pal and current Lumiere idol, Peter Flynn, as he fulfills his photo reservation promise. =)
We caught Grant! Wow, that's a first! =)
Grant:  Grant Norman, of the most elusive people to catch!  Can't believe we did though, with the slightest good luck...and help from fans who were braver than we were to stop him =)  May I then present Grant and Megan, above...
awww! The hug!
...and Mom and Grant, here below =)  Laughingly, Mom had gone up to him and said "I don't want a picture, I just want a hug!"  Needless to say he very courteously obliged! =)  I couldn't resist snapping that one! =)
Brian O'Brien! =)
Brian:  Brian O'Brien, nice guy!!  Actually would like to mention that, as we combined the experiences, he is also our Most Memorable performer.  On December 3rd, he went on as Monsieur D'Arque, owner of the Maison Des Lunes insane asylum, and rocked the house!  Played the part beautifully, just as I imagine the live version of the character to be!  Good job, Brian!
Jeff!!! =)
Jeff:  Jeff Brooks, aka Cogsworth!  After tonight, it's official, the man is the best!  Alongside Peter, he is one of my fave actors in the show, and no not just because they play "my boys!" as I gleefully squeak before their first scene. =)  This night we stuck around a bit longer and caught him, and even in his haste to catch his bus, he paused momentarily to take this picture with me.  (I look a little freaky cause Mom snapped it as I was saying "One, two, three, shoot!  Ok go go!  Catch the bus!!")  He is such a sweetie!  Thanks Jeff!

Quick Notes on December 3rd:  Unforeseen, but Lovely still!
December 3rd was actually a very, very last minute performance that we were not even sure was going to happen.  I had quit my job Tues. earlier that week, was a little down having still not found a replacement.  But Megan, at perhaps 1am Friday morning asked me if I wanted to meet her in the city to see the show that night.  After reminding her that I didn't even have enough cash to pay for TKTS tickets, she offered "Well...what about an early Christmas gift?"  Gleefully I got the clear to go, and we continued our plans.  I officially owe her a doozy of a Christmas gift now though. =)
Obviously we did get tickets for the show that night, sad part is they were single seats.  She was in Row C, I took Row F; our powers were now divided! =)  But nonetheless we were still our fan-like selves; we weren't going to let a few rows stop us! =)  We set up when we would do what we usually do, signals in case we needed to talk, and everything worked out great! =)
Show went about as normal, and later at curtain call, during the BCEFA (Broadway Cares Equity Fights Aids, a kick butt organization that I'm highly in support of!) announcements we fully let everyone onstage know we were there in our own subtle ways! =)
Outside though, it was FREEZING!!  First night of the winter when we really had some high going winds and low temps!  Everyone we talked to must have thought we were crazy! =)  I even asked Peter "WHERE ARE YOUR CANDLES WHEN WE NEED THEM???".  It was cold!
Two really great times, but never the end in sight of course!  We'll be back!  Till then, this is Faith, out! =)

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